How to Make Furniture Out of Old Suitcases

It is relatively easy to find old luggage, either at garage sales, flea markets, antique stores or even on the curb next to someone’s trashcan. You may even have some old suitcases of your own lying around that you don’t plan on using.

Old, boxy vintage suitcases aren’t entirely useful in the new millennium, as rolling luggage is more sturdy and practical, but rather then throwing it out, you can reuse your old luggage to decorate your home.

When decorating with old suitcases, you can simply stack them from largest to smallest to create an interesting nightstand or side table. You can also attach stool or table legs to the bottom of a sturdy leather suitcase to create a table or seating that adds interest to a room.

If you’re interested in making furniture with your old suitcases, you can also create chairs and ottomans by opening your suitcase and installing padding and upholstery. The top of the suitcase then becomes the back of the chair, while the bottom becomes the seat. An ottoman is slightly easier to craft by stapling foam and fabric into an old zipper suitcase. Adding legs to this is optional.

Decorating with old suitcases can also be easy by converting your old luggage into cupboards and cabinets. Turn a boxy suitcase sideways and install shelves into the interior. Attach a mirror or hooks to the open flap and hang it on your wall.

You can also try making furniture out of old suitcases for your pet. Open a suitcase and add a fabric cushion to the bottom. You can keep the top flap open and decorate it using photos, or if it has a pocket, you could keep your pets favorite toys stored for playtime.

You can also experiment with decorating with old suitcases by creating works of art with them. There is a scene in the film “White Oleander” where the protagonist creates shadowboxes using old suitcases to document her travels and different stages of her life. You could display an open suitcase on a shelf or mantle and fill it with photos, trinkets, jewelry or other mementos from your adventures.

You could also keep a small piece of luggage on your desk to hold your laptop as you work. The open top could be used as a bulletin board where you can place Post-It notes as you work. It will keep your work contained from the other clutter that may accumulate on your desk.

Decorating with old suitcases and making furniture out of interesting luggage you no longer use adds a flare to your home that reminds you of your travels and vacations. It compliments leather furniture and prevents you from throwing out perfectly good luggage you don’t use.

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